Talicarb Brand


The Italian company TALICARB Srl, a production unit belonging to the Angelo Ghezzi & C. Spa group since 1990, has been the subject of important investments not only regarding the modernization of the production plants but, over the last few years, supported by the commercial policies of the Angelo Ghezzi Group experienced a strong relaunch on the market of its TALICARB brand, significantly intensifying and expanding the range of products offered, outlining 4 different product lines:

– the historical program of standard solid carbide brazed tools.

The solutions proposed by Talicarb are mainly characterized by milling and reaming products.

the solid carbide milling program, with a range extension from Z1 (single-edge cutters) to more advanced multi-cutting solutions, is characterized by cutters with different lengths, different types of head (flat or spherical) and different geometries, to satisfy a wide range of processes and applications. Within the Talicarb solid carbide milling program there is also an high performance line called “Power”, with cutters specific for mold makers.

the program of indexable tools, combined with a wide range of ISO inserts, created to satisfy every production need by offering solid carbide qualities with triple CVD-PVD coating, can guarantee excellent performance in both roughing and finishing.

Special tools proposed according to drawings, according to the project and the specific needs of the customer. In this sense, the production flexibility of the Talicarb plant is wide-ranging, offering special monolithic or modular solutions with any type of shank, special brazed tools and special tools with indexable inserts.