Drilling Cutting Tools

Drilling is a chip removal operation performed to obtain a finished workpiece where holes are provided. Different types of holes can be made according to the production needs: through holes, blind holes, countersunk holes, conical holes or holes with multiple diameters.

The choice of the right type of drill can vary depending on the type of hole needed and the material of the workpiece. The factors that influence the drilling are related to the diameter and depth of the hole, the required tolerances, the type of machine tool and the related cutting parameters.

Our solutions

The company Angelo Ghezzi & C. Spa offers to its customers a wide range of drills made of HSS, HSS-Co, HSS-Co PM and solid carbide. In addition to the rotating tools, in recent years, new drilling solutions with indexable inserts have been developed and introduced into the standard range of products, while the gun drills remain available only upon request.

Through the ILIX program, the company Angelo Ghezzi offers a selection of products able to cover a wide range of diameters, starting from the microdrills (from 0.05 mm.) up to more important diameters (130.00 mm.), thanks to the modular drills.

Last but not least, is the range extension in terms of drilling depth, where you can range from simple center drills to more advanced products with drilling dephts over 40xd.

In support of the ILIX range, our company also offers a selection of N-type drills, for universal applications, in solid carbide (TALICARB program) and in HSS (MAX program).




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