Gauges Measurement and Clamping systems

In modern production of mechanical components every stage is important. The work planning and the execution of the workpieces on machine tools are fundamental steps during a production process.

At the same time, of equal importance, the measurement processes on the workpiece must also be considered.

This latter aspect implies indirect costs which must always be taken into account.

Choosing a proper and appropriate measurement system can facilitate the operation and can be a reduction of final costs.

Our solutions

For more than 50 years, the company Angelo Ghezzi & C. Spa has been importing and distributing the JBO brand exclusively for the Italian market.

The German company Johs. Boss Gmbh & Co KG, which is specialized in the control of threaded holes, offers go/no-go threaded gauges, with a wide range for different types of threads. Gauges that can be of common use or the more sophisticated Multicheck digital type, more suitable for specific control and metrology departments.

They are also part of the range, the threaded ring gauges (go/no-go) manufactured, as the previous ones, with different types of threads.